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18 January, 2008



          -  Identical, award winning, T1 McRae Enduro rally cars

          -  Four European Bajas

          -  Free Tyres on every event


New for 2008 in the world of Cross Country, is the Pirelli Trofeo.  Based around the award winning, all-new, T1 diesel-powered McRae Enduro rally car, this new, one-make rally championship will consist of four rounds from the FIA International Cup for Cross Country Bajas.   


For 2008 the Pirelli Trofeo will include the last four events in the:


FIA International Cup for Cross-Country Bajas



Feb  11-14

Saudi Arabian Hail Baja, (SA)

Mar  15-17

Italian Baja (I)

July 17-20

Baja España (E)

Aug  21-24

Baja Hungary (H)

Sept 25-28

Baja GB (GB)

Oct  18-21

Baja Anta Da Serra - Portalegre (P)


Bold denotes the four events of the 2008 McRae Pirelli Trofeo


“The FIA are keen to promote Cross-Country and encourage new drivers to join the sport.  We believe that a cost effective one-make series is an ideal place to start.  We have worked hard to ensure the McRae Enduro is a great product, both for seasoned ‘gentleman’ drivers, and for newcomers to begin a career in this the most exciting and adventurous form of motorsport.”                                                                                                                             Alister McRae - Director and Chief test driver


Free Tyres on every round

The 2008 McRae Pirelli Trofeo will use the Pirelli Scorpion Zero 235/85R x 16 - for the duration of the season.


“The Pirelli Scorpion Zero is an ideal all-round control tyre.  It will set a level playing field for everyone in what I feel has great potential to become a superb international series.”

Paul Hembery – Pirelli, Director of Motorsport


Low running cost is top of the McRae priority list and to ease the competitors’ operating budgets every team will be issued with six Pirelli Scorpion Zero tyres free of charge at the start of every event.


“We considered running a traditional prize fund, rewarding the top three finishers on each event, but we changed our mind because free tyres means everybody wins.”                  Alister McRae


Comprehensive Arrive and Drive Package:


·          Brand new T1 specification McRae Enduro rally car

·          UK shakedown test




 €170 000

·          Administrative support including entry fees, registration, scrutineering and all logistical formalities

·          Transportation of McRae Enduro to and from all events

·          Full pre-event vehicle preparation

·          Comprehensive team structure with central service organisation

·          Full on-event support, dedicated and experienced rally technicians

·          Comprehensive spares inventory

·          Free tyres

·          Post event service checks with agreed re-preparation schedule

·          Dedicated  PR and marketing support service

·          Dedicated TV film crew present at all events

·          In-car cameras

·          Tailored event video and podcasts direct to competitor/sponsors’ websites with downloads direct to telephones etc
















  €40 000


TOTAL: Four FIA Baja events: Spain, Hungary, Britain, Portugal                €210 000


In recognition of the growing popularity of the FIA International Baja Cup series, but also of the need to boost inclusivity, Pirelli has come together with Alister McRae to create a highly competitive, but also affordable package for Baja competitors. 


“It’s important to be specific.  We are offering the purchase of a new McRae Enduro plus a comprehensive ‘arrive and drive’ package consisting of four European Championship rounds for € 210 000 (Euros) plus taxes.  Some drivers will have their own support crews, and that’s fine, but as with the car itself, we’ve taken a long and hard look at costs, and with the full support of Pirelli we’re determined to offer competitors the very cheapest way to compete at a fully professional level.”

                                                                                                                                            Alister McRae

Flexible ownership packages

The ‘arrive and drive’ package is not the only possibility:


“We are now building the first batch of customer cars for delivery late Spring 2008.  We are offering tailor-made packages to suit individual driver’s requirements.  The ‘arrive and drive’ package is one option, though cars can be hired via our agents, either for the whole Trofeo, or just for one or two events only.   Competitors who already employ their own service crews will be able to continue to do so, but all cars will be strictly controlled to ensure a level playing field.”                                                                                  Christopher Bibb, Sales Director, McRae Enduro

The McRae Enduro

The McRae Enduro has been developed by Alister McRae specifically to compete in Cross-Country type off-road events.  


Priced at €170 000 (Euros), plus taxes, the Pirelli Trofeo vehicles are to FIA T1 spec.  A clean-sheet design, from the start emphasis has been to deliver an extremely strong and reliable, product that is fun to drive.  Additionally, considerable emphasis has been placed on controlling operating costs - a rare quality in the world of motorsport. 


A good example is the production-sourced V6 diesel motor: unlike many petrol equivalents, frequent rebuilds will not be necessary. The front-mounted engine is the Ford/PAS 2.7-litre V6 turbo diesel which will operate within production engineering parameters, but improved breathing and engine management changes lift the power/torque output to 240PS / 550Nm.   The engine is mated to a production-sourced 6-speed ZF manual gearbox which drives all four wheels via differentials upgraded with mechanical limited slip units. 


Development of the McRae Enduro will continue throughout 2008 in readiness for participation on Dakar 2009.   The ‘Dakar kit’ under development will upgrade the base, Baja spec, McRae Enduro for Marathon rallies and ‘sand events’. 


McRae Enduro Limited

Christopher Bibb, Barry Reynolds and Colin Pharaoh joined forces with Alister McRae in 2005. The company’s objective was to develop a new vehicle concept for cross-country events.  


Key to the concept was the combination of a clean-sheet T1 (prototype) chassis design, coupled to a modern diesel driveline, utilizing production-sourced components wherever possible, to offer wholly new levels of performance and safety, with low purchase and maintenance costs.   


The car needed to be strong and reliable, yet lightweight, fun to drive and competitively priced. MDV Specialist Engineering in Essex, England was commissioned to carry out engineering development, and the first prototype build began in late 2005. The test and development programme started in June 2007 and was followed by extensive durability tests.  Delivery of the first vehicles is planned for late Spring 2008.



McRae Enduro wins ‘ Idea of the Year’ award

The McRae Enduro rally car won the ‘Idea of the Year’ at the Autocar Awards ceremony in London.

The honour was announced by Chas Hallett, Autocar’s editor, at a ceremony in Westminster to an audience of 480 motor industry leaders and celebrities from around the world. Christopher Bibb the commercial director for the McRae Enduro operation, based in Essex, accepted the award. 


“It was a great privilege to collect this award at a ceremony attended by so many leading lights in the global automotive industry”, commented Christopher Bibb.  “Everybody in our team believes that the McRae Enduro is right for the time, will set new standards and will become a successful formula within Cross-Country.  For an independent and authorative source, like Autocar, to applaud our ‘idea’ is a massive endorsement and has given us enormous encouragement.”




For further media information about the McRae Enduro rally car or the 2008 Pirelli McRae Enduro Trofeo go to: www.mcrae-enduro.com or, contact:

Barry Reynolds         barry@wiz-email.com

Christopher Bibb      cbbibb@yahoo.co.uk





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