ADIMSC ADIMSC and Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi implement environmental initiatives




· Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi goes green as ADIMSC adopts Carbon Neutral project
· ADIMSC joins forces with Dive against Debris Programme to clean up seabed in 2019

ABU DHABI (UAE): Thursday, December 6: The Abu Dhabi International Marine Sports Club (ADIMSC) celebrates its 25th anniversary by implementing several new environmental initiatives and has announced a new Developed Sustainable Strategic plan that will come into affect at this weekend’s Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi.

The ADIMSC is keen to support both the green and blue economies and is to become an active organiser and partner in promoting international and local sustainable environment awareness events.

A carbon neutral project has been adopted for the Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi and 422 trees will be planted in other countries as part of the Treedom project that is also supported by H2O Racing, the official promoter of the UIM F1 H2O World Championship.

The ADIMSC has also joined forces with the Dive against Debris Programme. This is an initiative from Project Aware of PADI and the hosting club for this weekend’s Grand Prix will make up to seven seabed clean-ups in 2019.

The ADIMSC has also been working to raise environmental awareness locally. It has supported clean-up projects, including four beach clean-ups under the slogan of ‘No Plastic’ and an Arabic Water Day, which was an open-to-public awareness event that focused on plastic recycling and excessive water consumption.

The club hosted a Tree Day – a school awareness day focusing on tree planting and the daily use of vegetables at home – and an Environmental Marathon, which was open to the public and focused on waste segregation and recycling.

The ADIMSC has already carried out four seabed clean-ups using 150 volunteer divers that focused on the removal of plastic and debris and has implemented a Green Initiative. This focused on the planting of 300 trees in Abu Dhabi schools.

H2O Racing also has a carbon neutral strategy and is fully supportive of Abu Dhabi’s plans. The global powerboat racing promoter has a responsibility to its stake holders and to the countries and people where the races are hosted in terms of protecting the environment.

In 2017, H2O Racing entered into a partnership with Treedom to plant trees in Africa to offset CO2 emissions. Treedom is now the only online platform where you can plant a tree and then follow its growth and development online. Since its foundation in Florence in 2010, in excess of 320,000 trees have been planted in Africa, South America and Italy. Treedom became part of the Certified B Corporations in 2014 through its environmental and social performance.

The progressive environmental thinking and carbon neutral strategy of both the Abu Dhabi International Marine Sports Club and H2O Racing falls in line with the UIM’s direction on the protection of the environment that has been implemented by Dr. Raffaele Chiulli, President of the sport’s governing body. This has come about through the UIM’s close working relationship with the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP).


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Date issued: 06/12/2018

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