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Monday, July 6th, 2009



NEWPORT (Shropshire): The first round draw has been made for the 2009  Carling Newport Pool Open and 2009 Worthington’s Newport Pool Doubles Open in association with Coors Brewers, with 49 singles players and 24 doubles pairs entered.


There will not be a qualifying round in the singles this year. The first singles’ round features as many players as possible and then the number will be taken down to the last 16 when byes are introduced during round two – with seven players receiving a bye and the surviving 18 playing for the final nine places in the third round draw.


Byes will come into operation during round two of the doubles’ competition to reduce the number to eight – four teams will be granted a bye and eight will play to finalise the remaining four places.


The pick of the round one singles’ matches are likely to be Stafford player Will Edge’s visit to the King’s Head to play fiery Greg Heathcote, the all-female clash between Irene Whittington and Hazel-Ford Lewis and the potential banana skin for former champion, Colin Pink, against Ben Longstaff. Defending champion Anthony Heathcote has a home draw against Steven Morrey.


Doubles champions, Ian and Bob Perry, face a difficult visit to the Legion to play Mick Beech and Colin Farge and last year’s beaten finalists, Anthony Heathcote and Andy Lycett, have been drawn away to Dave Marshall and Andy Potter at the Shakespeare. Another potentially explosive clash features Greg Heathcote and Ben Longstaff against Ian Mason and Keith Rogers at the King’s Head.


All matches will be played to Newport Pool League rules over the best of five frames at a venue to be decided by the home player.


The away player must make contact with the home player to decide the date and time of the match, but all first round games must be completed by Monday, July 27th.


2009 Carling Newport Singles’ Open – 1st round draw

Ant Winfield (Tavern) v Bob Perry (King’s Head)               

Ed Keenan (King’s Head) v Ross Goodchild (King’s Head)    

Hannah Evans (Shake) v Neil Hazeley (LSC)              

Dan Upton (Tavern) v Brad Borritt (King’s Head)   

Luke Jones (Honeysuckle) v James Searles (Tavern)            

Dave Price (LSC) v Dave Marshall (Shake)            

Mick Collins (King’s Head) v Neil Perkins (Shake)

Greg Heathcote (King’s Head) v Will Edge (Stafford)                      

Anthony Heathcote (Legion) v Steven Morrey (Tavern)            

Gareth Thomas (Tavern) v Cyril Evans (Legion)              

Luke Hayward (WWFC) v Kim Rigby (Shake)               

Laura Baker (Shake) v Mick Beech (Legion)             

Don Brenan (Shake) v Ben Clewes (Tavern)            

Nick Clewley (Shake) v John Williams (Legion)            

Liam Matthews (Honeysuckle) v Brendan Routledge (Stafford)          

Irene Whittington (King’s Head) v Hazel Ford-Lewis (Shake)   

Ian Roberts (Tavern) v Keith Rogers (Junction)                     

John Digby (Legion) v Graham Tigwell (King’s Head)    

Jack Jones (Honeysuckle) v Stuart Smith (Legion)

Richard Priest (Shake) v Stu Morrey (Tavern)             

Ben Longstaff (King’s Head) v Colin Pink (Legion)            

Andy Richardson (Tavern) v Russ Woodhouse (Honeysuckle)

Ian Perry (King’s Head) v Brian Sumner (Legion)                       

Tom Sayce (Honeysuckle) v Andy Potter (Shake)



Charlie Hayward (WWFC)


2009 Worthington’s Newport Doubles Open – 1st round draw


Graham Tigwell/Ross Goodchild (King’s Head) v Colin Pink/Mick Manning (Legion)

Mick Beech/Colin Farge (Legion) v Ian Perry/Bob Perry (King’s Head)                           

Luke Jones/Mike Jones (Honeysuckle) v Cyril Evans/Brian Sumner (Legion)           

Luke Hayward/Charlie Hayward (WWFC) v Stu Morrey/Bruce Gray (Tavern)    

Hannah Evans/Hazel Ford-Lewis (Shake) v Mick Collins/Ed Keenan (King’s Head)

Jack Jones/Tom Sayce (Honeysuckle) v Irene Whittington/Lyn Woodhouse (King’s Head)

Dave Marshall/Andy Potter (Shake) v Anthony Heathcote/Andy Lycett (Legion)  

John Digby/Stuart Smith (Legion) v Dave Price/Neil Hazeley (Tavern)                                   

Neil Perkins/Nick Clewley (Shake) v Don Brenan/Laura Baker (Shake)                          

Ian Roberts/Steve Morrey (Tavern) v James Searles/Andy Richardson (Tavern)            

Ben Longstaff/Greg Heathcote (King’s Head) v Keith Rogers/Ian Mason (Junction)

Brendan Routledge/Will Edge (Stafford) v John Williams/Paul Trevor (Legion)  


All first round ties to be played by Monday, July 27th.  Results should be sent by text message to 07831 123153, clearly stating the names of players and the score.  



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Date issued: 06/07/2009

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