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Tuesday, July 29th, 2008




NEWPORT (Shropshire): If drawing each other in the 2008 Worthington’s Doubles was not bad enough, 2006 Newport Open champion Paul Trevor has been drawn against defending champion Colin Pink in the second round of the 2008 Coors Newport Open singles’ competition.


The second round draw of 32 in the singles and 16 pairs in the doubles has thrown up several other titanic clashes, with snooker supremo John Williams facing a gruelling home tie against the in-form Andy Dean. The league’s unbeaten Andy Lycett faces the prospect of a visit to Muxton to play young Dave Worrall.


Greg ‘hit man’ Heathcote faces a repeat of his 2007 fixture against the King’s Head’s Irene Whittington, while Ben Longstaff faces a tricky home tie against Matt Hestor. The talented Keith Rogers faces a home match against either Tavern landlord Dave Wilkinson or LSC’s Neil Perkins, while the King’s Head’s Mick Collins has a tricky away draw against Anthony Cox at the Navigation in Gnosall.


The pick of the doubles matches is the prospect of the winner of the Trevor/Williams and Pink/Pink clash meeting the Tavern’s Dave Wilkinson and Ray Talbot.


Defending doubles’ champions, Anthony Heathcote and Andy Lycett, face a banana skin visit to LSC to play Nick Clewley and Perkins and last year’s runners-up, Ian and Bob Perry, face last year’s third-placed finishers Ian Fearnley and Neil Cartwright at the Tavern. Another close match to call will be the meeting between Ed Keenan and Mick Collins and Matt Hestor and Ben Clews at the King’s Head.


2008 Coors Newport Pool Open - Singles – 2nd round draw


Irene Whittington (King’s Head) v Greg Heathcote (Audco)         

Tom Sayce Audco) v Ed Keenan (King’s Head)           

Andy Richardson (Tavern) v Jim Kelly (Audco)         

Anthony Heathcote (Audco) v Jack Jones (Audco)                     

Luke Jones (Audco) v Ian Mason (Junction) or Ray Talbot (Tavern)         

Steve Whitlock (Navigation) v Steve Garmson (Tavern)

Keith Rogers (Junction) v Dave Wilkinson (Tavern) or Neil Perkins (Tavern)

Dave Worrall (Sutherland Muxton) v Andy Lycett (Audco)

Ben Longstaff (King’s Head) v Matt Hestor (Shakespeare)        

Ian Perry (King’s Head) v Anthony Winfield (Tavern)         

John Williams (Audco) v Andy Dean (Tavern)

Colin Pink (Audco) v Paul Trevor (Audco)         

Stuart Morrey (Tavern) v Neil Hazeley (LSC)             

Luke Hayward (Sutherland Muxton) v Sam Higgins (King’s Head)

Bob Perry (King’s Head) v Aaron Brotherton (Tavern)         

Anthony Cox (Navigation) v Mick Collins (King’s Head)           


2008 Worthington’s Newport Doubles Open – 2nd round draw


Ed Keenan/Mick Collins (King’s Head) v Matt Hestor/Ben Clews(Shakespeare)                               


Neil Perkins/Nick Clewley (Tavern) v Anthony Heathcote/Andy Lycett (Audco)


Kim Worrall/Charlie Hayward (Sutherland Muxton) v Dave Worrall/Luke Hayward (Sutherland Muxton)


Paul Trevor/John Williams (Audco) or Colin Pink/John Pink (Audco) v Dave Wilkinson/Ray Talbot (Tavern)


Stu Morrey/Wayne Morrey (Tavern) v Ian Mason/Keith Rogers (Junction)   


Anthony Cox/Peter Dickinson (Navigation Gnosall) v Ben Longstaff/Greg Heathcote (Audco)                                             


John Owen/Mick Ashforth (Junction) v Jack Jones/Jack Dicken (Audco)         


Ian Fearnley/Nigel Cartwright (Tavern) v Ian Perry/Bob Perry (King’s Head)


All ties to be played by Wednesday, August 27th.


Results should be sent by text message to 07831 123153, clearly stating the names of players and the score.


All matches will be played to Newport Pool League rules over the best of five frames at a venue to be decided by the home player.


The away player must make contact with the home player to decide the date and time of the match.


Singles Contacts


1. Paul Trevor (Audco)                                  07971 843157                      

2. Colin Pink (Audco)                                  07773 479616                      

3. Neil Perkins (Tavern)                                  07831 123153                      

4. Kim Worrall (Sutherland Muxton)            07967 638189                      

5. Charlie Hayward (Sutherland Muxton)            07968 715799                      

6. Dave Worrall (Sutherland Muxton)            07502 109440                      

7. Luke Hayward (Sutherland Muxton)            07805 604312                      

8. Keith Rogers (Junction)                               07801 727210                      

9. Ian Mason (Junction)                               01785 822362                      

10. Mick Ashforth (Junction)                   07701 032860                      

11. Anthony Cox (Navigation)               07762 350313                      

12. Peter Dickinson (Navigation)               07732 225444                      

13. Steve Whitlock (Navigation)               07841 62000 (8) 2               

14. Dave Wilkinson (Tavern)                      01952 811521                      

15 Aaron Brotherton (Tavern)                      07807 081839                      

16. Anthony Winfield (Tavern)                      07794 443046                      

17. Roy Dicken (Tavern)                                  07972 804669                      

18. Ray Talbot (Tavern)                                  07723 095421                      

19. Andy Dean (Tavern)                                  07974 262891                      

21. Stuart Morrey (Tavern)                                  07890 630922                      

22. Andy Richardson (Tavern)                      07792 930670                      

23. Ant Heathcote (Audco)                                  07837 229096                      

24. Jack Jones (Audco)                                  07875 545503                                  

25. Luke Jones (Audco)                                  07809005413                                  

26. Tom Sayce Audco)                                    07907 899789                                  

27. Jim Kelly (Audco)                                  07773479616                                  

28 Andy Lycett (Audco)                                  07846 368822                      

29. John Williams (Audco)                                  07813 973768                      

30. Steve Garmson (Tavern)                      07870 965005                      

32. Nick Clewley (LSC)                          07527249416                                  

33. Neil Hazeley (LSC)                          07866 444155                      

34. Ben Longstaff (King’s Head)                        07720 222000                      

35. Greg Heathcote (Audco)                      07854 460103                      

36. Matt Hestor (Shakespeare)                     07890 862609                      

37. Ben Clews (Shakespeare)                     07890 862609                                  

38. Mick Collins (King’s Head)                        07956 419990                      

39. Ian Perry (King’s Head)                        07773 207191         

40. Irene Whittington (King’s Head)            07730 904297                                  

41. Sam Higgins (King’s Head)                        07956 419990

42. Ed Keenan (King’s Head)                        07837 399848

43. Bob Perry (King’s Head)                        07773 207191


Doubles contacts

Ian Fearnley/Neil Cartwright (Tavern)            01952 820765                      

Colin Pink/John Pink (Audco)              07773 479616                      

Anthony Heathcote/Andy Lycett (Audco)            07846 368822                                  

Neil Perkins/Nick Clewley (Tavern)            07831 123153                      

Paul Trevor/John Williams (Audco)            07971 843157                      

Mick Collins/Ed Keenan (King’s Head)            07956 419990                      

Matt Hestor/Ben Clews (Shakespeare)         07890 862609                      

Ben Longstaff/Greg Heathcote (Audco)            07720 222000                      

Dave Wilkinson/Ray Talbot (Tavern)            01952 811521                      

Kim Worrall/Charlie Hayward (Muxton)            07968 715799          

Dave Worrall/Luke Hayward (Muxton)            07502 109440                      

Jack Jones/Jack Dicken (Audco)                      07875 545503                                  

Keith Rogers/Ian Mason (Junction)            07801 727210                      

Mick Ashforth/John Owen (Junction)            07701 032860                      

Anthony Cox/Peter Dickinson (Navi)  07762 350313                      

Stuart Morrey/Wayne Morrey (Tavern)            07890 630922                      



For further information:
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Date issued: 29/07/2008

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