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Friday, July 18th, 2008




NEWPORT (Shropshire): Newport Pool League’s top player Andy Lycett and Greg Heathcote were the first two names into the hat for the second round of the 2008 Coors Newport Pool Open, after they beat an out-of-sorts Ben Clews and Roy Dicken in their best-of-five first round matches.


Lycett dismissed Clews 3-0 in less than 30 minutes at the Shakespeare, but Heathcote was forced to come from a frame down to squeeze his way past tournament virgin Dicken after a sticky encounter.


“Roy played a good snooker on his last red and won the first one, but I made no mistake in frame two and he gave me chances in both the last frames to finish off the game,” said Heathcote, still suffering the effects of whiplash after a quad-biking accident in Dorset.


All first round ties are to be played by Monday, July 28th.  Results should be sent by text message to 07831 123153, clearly stating the names of players and the score. 


2008 Coors Newport Singles’ Open – 1st round results and draw


Roy Dicken (Tavern) lost to Greg Heathcote (Audco), 1-3

Ben Clews (Shakespeare) lost to Andy Lycett (Audco), 0-3


Games to be played

Anthony Heathcote (Audco) v Mick Ashforth (Junction)      

Ian Mason (Junction) v Ray Talbot (Tavern)         

Dave Wilkinson (Tavern) v Neil Perkins (Tavern)

Dave Worrall (Sutherland Muxton) v Nick Clewley (LSC)             

Ian Roberts (Tavern) v Keith Rogers (Junction)                  

Paul Trevor (Audco) v Charlie Hayward (Sutherland Muxton)          

Andy Dean (Tavern) v Kim Worrall (Sutherland Muxton)          

Ian Perry (King’s Head) v Peter Dickinson (Navigation)

Dave Price (LSC) v Ed Keenan (King’s Head)           



Stuart Morrey (Tavern)                     

Andy Richardson (Tavern)

Aaron Brotherton (Tavern)         

Anthony Winfield (Tavern)         

Anthony Cox (Navigation)

Steve Whitlock (Navigation)  

Jack Jones (Audco)                     

Luke Jones (Audco)         

Colin Pink (Audco)

Luke Hayward (Sutherland Muxton)

Tom Sayce Audco)

Jim Kelly (Audco)         

John Williams (Audco)         

Steve Garmson (Tavern)

Neil Hazeley (LSC)             

Ben Longstaff (King’s Head)                       

Matt Hestor (Shakespeare)        

Mick Collins (King’s Head)           

Irene Whittington (King’s Head)

Sam Higgins (King’s Head)

Bob Perry (King’s Head)


2008 Worthington’s Newport Doubles Open – 1st round draw


Ian Fearnley/Neil Cartwright (Tavern) v Dave Price/Neil Hazeley (LSC) 

Ben Longstaff/Greg Heathcote (Audco) v Tom Sayce/Luke Jones (Audco           

Ian Perry/Bob Perry (King’s Head) v Ian Roberts/Steve Garmson (Tavern)         

Paul Trevor/John Williams (Audco) v Colin Pink/John Pink (Audco)



Ed Keenan/Mick Collins (King’s Head)

Matt Hestor/Ben Clews (Shakespeare)                                            

Jack Jones/Jack Dicken (Audco)         

Stu Morrey/Wayne Morrey (Tavern)

John Owen/Mick Ashforth (Junction)                  

Anthony Cox/Peter Dickinson (Navigation Gnosall)

Dave Wilkinson/Ray Talbot (Tavern)

Anthony Heathcote/Andy Lycett (Audco)                     

Neil Perkins/Nick Clewley (Tavern)                                 

Kim Worrall/Charlie Hayward (Sutherland Muxton)

Dave Worrall/Luke Hayward (Sutherland Muxton)

Ian Mason/Keith Rogers (Junction)



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Date issued: 18/07/2008

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